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About Us
about Amida

AMIDA is a Nigerian clothing brand based in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. It was founded in 2018 by Precious Agan.

Prior to 2018, when we decided to start AMIDA, Precious was a personal shopper and fashion retailer of other brands from the Unites States of America and Europe, especially brands in the United Kingdom. For almost a decade, she enjoyed being a fashion retailer of affordable and high end (luxury) brands around the world.

Sometime in 2015, the Nigerian currency started losing value compared to the dollar and pounds and the cost of importing went up. As a result, profit margins became very low and the whole process of importing and clearing started getting quite tedious. It’s either products were delayed or clearing was delayed and this took a strain on her retailing business.

Her love for fashion (which she picked up from her mother who was also a fashion designer) and the need to deliver affordable luxury inspired her to start AMIDA. Her aim has always been to create top notch clothing accessories for women who are big on simplicity, elegance and modesty.

At AMIDA, we believe every woman is a treasure that should be wrapped properly in beautifully tailored clothes. We wanted to make outfits that were easily accessible first to the women in Nigeria & the world at large.

We believe in innovation but the soul of our brand is vintage and as such are inspired by vintage fashion with a touch of modern aesthetics.

We thoughtfully chose our brand colours to represent what we stand for. Magenta, Black & White and here’s why.

Magenta is a blend of red tones and violet hues. It’s a color associated with passion (Our Drive) and power (Our Products). It has purple undertones and elements of pink. Purple because we consider YOU royalty & pink because we hope you never lose your femininity.

Black which symbolises power, elegance & sophistication; the bedrock of every piece we produce & what we aim to inspire in every woman who wears AMIDA.

White which signifies Integrity, Simplicity and Thoroughness which are all adjectives that qualify our work and ethics.

We believe every woman who buys & wears AMIDA is a person of class. That is why our catchphrase is “You Definitely Have Got Great Taste”

We hope you stay intentional about your looks by wearing AMIDA, just as we are intentional about giving you the best every Fashion Season.

Don’t forget to always #DressForSuccessInAmida

…Excellence & integrity comes full circle at AMIDA. It is the wheel that propels our business, guiding every decision and design because we do not see any other way.