Relaunch Capsule

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The “Relaunch Capsule Collection” is a curation of stylish and timeless fashion. This collection is an incorporation of structured silhouettes and vintage glam.
Structured silhouettes to inspire a polished and put together appearance; featuring well tailored blazers, high waisted trousers and sheath dresses that cinch at the waist, thees pieces will instantly elevate your everyday look’ making the AMIDAWoman exude confidence and professionalism.
Vintage glam on the other hand to bring a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your personal style; featuring feminine prints and cuts to inspire the glamour of bygone eras. By incorporating these vintage pieces into your wardrobe, you will be channelling a sense of timeless grace and sophistication into your everyday life.
This collection is a unique fusion of modernity and classic style. This collection was aimed to empower the AMIDAWoman to break free from conventional norms and stereotypes and embrace her unique fashion journey.